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  The Concentrated Photovoltaics Industry Report 2010: Deliver a profitable CPV business – get the latest data and analysis that will enable you to make your CPV projects a commercial success  
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What you need to know to formulate a winning CPV strategy …

Based on interviews with 50+ major CPV players, primary research and independent analysis, this report is your strategic resource to overcoming the challenges to the commercialization of CPV

Find answers to your most pressing CPV issues

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Report benefits

Find out what the current CPV costs are and what this means for the industry and your business

Get an independent assessment of where the CPV industry stands right now and where it’s heading in the near future

Understand which CPV manufacturers are ahead of the pack in terms of installed capacity and technology

Identify the hottest growth opportunities and plan your strategy accordingly

Learn which companies have invested in CPV and how much they have committed to the industry

Discover the growth prospects of this industry and what this means for both module manufacturers and component providers

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Latest data, analysis and insights on the CPV industry, including…

The latest LCOE cost estimates for CPV technology

Realistic cost breakdown per CPV plant component

Detailed forecast of installed CPV capacity in the US market until 2015

Thorough analysis on the barriers and drivers to the CPV industry based on 50+ interviews with all main CPV players

A-Z of the CPV value chain, including main players and their role in the value chain

Profiles of all main CPV solar panel and module manufacturers and cell providers

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